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Knee brace for weak knees

BY Lena Hilltorp

Knees braces are used for many different kinds of weak knees. Most of the time if you have a weak knee it is because of an injury or have developed arthritis. There are four different knee braces. One type of brace is the prophylactic knee brace. Theses braces are designed to prevent knee injuries. Athletes most commonly wear them so that you don't further hurt you knee. If you are wearing a rehabilitative knee brace, you are wearing it because you have already hurt your knee and the brace is used to help you from making your condition worse.

If you have to wear a functional knee brace, you may be wearing it for several reasons. You may be wearing it to give you stability because your knee will just give way every now and then. It will also help repair or reconstruct ligaments. For an unloaded brace, you are wearing it so that you can relieve your pain from arthritis in your knee.

Arthritis is very painful and sometimes can make some people immobile because of all the pain that it does cause. You may find yourself purchasing a brace that you can relieve your pain. Medicine will work well for the pain, but you will need a brace to give your stability and help you walk when the pain is bad.

Rehabilitative knee braces are designed to protect you from motion. They are worn after a surgery. This is to help you heal before using that knee. The brace will give the reconstructed knee a quicker healing time and the knee will heal much better with the brace.

Functional knee braces offer a lot of benefits. You are able to control your stability. Some of the current braces on the market may inhibit some movement, but they are made to give you support. They are to make sure that you don't give way or fall when going down the stairs and more. Many people will feel that this is a security preventing you from falling; however, it is to minimize your knee giving out. It is still quite possible. In addition, it doesn't protect you from pulling a ligament out of place. It does not restore you ability to do strenuous activity. All the brace does is give you more support in the back and front of your knee.

The up loader will significantly reduce your pain if you are diagnosed with arthritis in your knee. It is designed to evenly distribute the weight and pressure of the kneecap. It will reduce from of your movement and you may walk bow-legged when wearing it. However, the support will reduce your pain and improve the over all function of your leg. You only have to wear this when you are in pain.

Copyright 2006 Lena Hilltorp


Lena Hilltorp is a freelance publisher based in Sweden. She publishes articles and reports and provides knee brace resources on
and http://www.brace-knee.com/skiingkneebrace/index.html

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